Images from the year 1906

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<p>1st XI 1906</p>
<p>BR:JV Duhig (Brisbane), C Collins (Mt Walker), J Donnellan (Hemant), J Whiteford (Mulgrave), M Treacy (Esk), W Campbell (Bangalow, NSW) MR: M Lane (Gympie), J McMahon (Thursday Island), J McSweeney (Capt - Gympie), M Slattery (Richmond River NSW), J O'Reilly (Mt Albion) FR: J Fanning (Selheim), G McLennan (Blackwater)</p>
<p>1st XV 1906</p>
<p>BR: J Fanning, Pat McGinley, William Gillespie, Matt Doran, Jim Whiteford, Barney Campbell, Charles Morton, John McMahon Seated: J Collins, Matt Slattery, John McSweeney (capt), Michael Treacy, James Lee In front: Lou Pigott, John Emmett, Maurice Lane, Eddie McAuliffe</p>
<p>3rd Class 1906</p>
<p>BR: R Watters, R O'Byrne, W Banner, W King, D Gwdir, J Gunne, R Connolly, H Wood MR: B Blood-Smythe, J Shay, J Scanlan, J Dufficey, E Anderson, S Davidson, FR: A Ahern, V Lynch, E Shepherd, C Collins, E Davidson</p>
<p>4th Class 1906</p>
<p>BR: G Heathorn, J Watters, C King, B Magee, M Hegarty, J Marsh, W Barnes, F Steele, J Quigley, M Davies Third Row: J Ahern, F Phyllott, J Ezzy, T Pattel, S Boyd, F Pfitzenmaier, P Quilty, T O'Sullivan, T Becker Second Row: S Scanlan, M Donoghue, P Moriarty, L Rogers, A White, H Chippendale, W Young, L Slater, P Quigley FR: E Callaghan, S Pagel, L Orr, C O'Toole, J Johnston</p>
<p>4th Grade Rugby 1906</p>
<p>BR: F McLary, F Phyllott, W Bowden, G O'Connor, P Quilty, E Barry MR: G Jennings, J Quinn, J Foran, M Moran, G McLennan, B Whiteford, JV Duhig FR: T O'Sullivan, J Quigley, T Roache, G Bussell</p>
<p>5th Class 1906</p>
<p>BR: P Lantry, J Howard, L Heathorn, V Pennyfather, J Cahill, A O'carroll Third Row: G Jennings, J Fanning, W Cahill, G Turner, W Bowden, T Enright, G McLennan, S Desplace, H Mackay Second Row: W Brennan, J Connolly, B Rosentangel, R Lyons, J McElligott, E O'Keeffe FR: W Watters, C Smith, J Hanley, E Page, A Harper</p>
<p>Rifle Team 1906</p>
<p>BR: J Marsh, W Cahill, S Desplace, J Whiteford, W Bowden, G Bussell, N Macrossan, M Slattery, J Keane, H Lund, J O'Reilly, F Walker, D Fanning, F Steele, J Quigley MR: J Fanning, E Anderson, S Boyd, T Ezzy, M Nixon, F Knight, P Daley, L Pigott, J Lee, W Campbell, W Gillespie, M Doran, J McSweeney, M Treacy Second Row: T Enright, L Hethorne, D Campbell, W Barnes, F McLary, C Morton, T Pattel, Sgt Major Byrne, J Emmett, J McMahon, F Philott, P Quilty, R McGinley, C Kortum, T O'Sullivan, D McGrath FR: J Drew, M Scanlan, D Murphy, T Becker, J Byrne, J Allan, S Nagel, P Lantry, W Donnellan, S McAuliffe, B Whiteford, J McLennan</p>
<p>School Union Under 15 XV BR: J Hickling, J Booth, W Cahill, C Collins, T Enright, A Johnston, S Scanlan MR: J O'Reilly, J O'Neill, A O'Carroll, O Grogan, E Slattery, H Mackay FR: J Dufficey, J Julin, F Walker, R King</p>
<p>Senior University Class 1905-1906</p>
<p>BR: C Morton (Rockhampton), L Pigott (Toowoomba), J McSweeney (Gympie), M McEniery (Purga), J McMahon (Thursday Island), C Von Berger (Winton) MR: J Quinn (Wooloowin), J Whiteford (Mulgrave), N Macrossan (Brisbane), M Slattery (Bangalow, NSW), E Barry (Rockhampton) FR: J Foran (Gympie), A Kelly (Bundaberg), JV Duhig (Brisbane).</p>
<p>Senior University Class 1906-1907</p>
<p>BR: L McNamara (Med. Matric), E Barry (1A, 4 C),J Donnellan (2A, 3B, 1C), J Whiteford (3A, 3C), M McEniery (5A, 4B, 1C), M Slattery (1A, 4C), J McSweeney (joined the Christian Brothers). MR: A Kelly (5A, 4B, 1C), C Morton (6A, 4B), N Macrossan (8A, 1B, 1C), L Pigott (3A, 5C), J McMahon (4C) FR: L Foran (5B, 2C), JV Duhig (6A, 3B, 1C), J O'Reilly (4A, 3B)</p>
<p>Slattery 1906</p>
<p>Winners Hospital Shield 1906</p>
<p>BR: A O'Carroll, A Johnston, M Lane, M Treacy, W Cahill, J Fanning, O Grogan, A White MR: J Quigley, M Doran, J McMahon, S Nagel FR: J Scanlan, J Shay, J Difficey, C O'Toole</p>
Visit of the Irish Envoys, 1906
Lyster Rifle Team
BR: MJ Doran, J Lee
MR: N Macrossan, JP Byrne, F Knight
Sitting: F Phillott
Campus, 1906
Neale Macrossan aged 17 years and eight months.
A list of his academic achievements are listed on page 58 of the 1906 Annual.
Arthur Francis Kelly, 1906
A list of his academic achievements are listed on page 61 of the 1906 Annual.
Louis M Piggott, 1906
A list of his academic achievements are listed on page 60 of the 1906 Annual.
James A Whiteford, 1906
A list of his academic achievements are listed on page 60 of the 1906 Annual.
Tennis Court, 1906
MJ Treacy, 1906
Championship and Cup Winner
WD Campbell, 1906
'The New Arcade', 1906