Images from the year 1898

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<p>1st XI 1898</p>
<p>BR: W Kent (Scorer), A Bolton, P Luddy, L Pfitzenmaier, T Fogarty, B Brosnan (Umpire) MR: T Hennessy, B Corser, H Macrossan (capt), P Cusack, A Moylan FR: F Herbertson, W Cain</p>
<p>1st XV 1898</p>
<p>Civil Service 1898</p>
<p>BR: R Faithfull (Roma), M Byrne (Brisbane), P Cusack (Ravenswood), T Fogarty (Miles), R Short (Caboolture), A Moylan (Townsville), T Roe (Warwick). MR: V Oxenham (Surat), T Hennessy (Brisbane), J Wallace ( Bundaberg), D O'Meara (Stanthorpe), T McGahan (Warwick), FR: E Meagher (Toowoomba), C Mestrez (Brisbane), W Baskett (Pentland), J Hoey (Lower Burdekin), P Rogers (Gympie), J Mahony (Leyburn)</p>
<p>Dumbell Drill 1898</p>
<p>Indian Clubs 1898</p>
<p>Guido Toni, Old Boy Association, attended Nudgee in 1898.</p>
<p>Under 15 Rugby 1898</p>
<p>BR: E Breslin (Umpire), W Cain, P Rogers, W Kelly, A Kelly, F Herbertson MR: H Hodel, G Fitzgerald, H Lyons (capt), J Hoey, F Beetham FR: J Galvin, W Cootham, J Lane, P Corbett, B Grogan</p>
<p>Unidentified 1898</p>
<p>University Class 1898</p>
BR: P Murphy, H Macrossan, L Pfitzenmaier, E Breslin, J Bradley
FR: W Cain, W Geraghty, A Kelly, W Kent, F Herbertson, W Kelly
<p>Unknown 1898</p>