Images from the year 1896

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<p>Junior University Class 1896</p>
<p>Grade 5 Class 1896</p>
<p>1st XI 1896</p>
BR: Roddy Cameron (Townsville), Frank Forrest (Rockhampton), Dan Lennon (Barcaldine), Pat Brosnan (Killarney), Alf Bolton (Brisbane), Bart Fahey (Brisbane) 
MR: Aub Gordon (Tiaro), Brian Cusack (Ravenswood), Charles Hurrey (Captain - Herberton), Tom Lehane (Brisbane), Jack Tully (Adavale) 
FR: Owen Cusack (Cloncurry), Darcy Enright (Charleville)
<p>Commercial Class 1896</p>
<p>Junior XI 1896</p>
Senior University Class 1896
Some members of the class, but not in photographic order were: T Lehane, A Bolton, E Walsh, S Knapp, W Howes, B Fahey, C Hurrey, B Cusack
<p>Commercial Class 2 1896</p>