About the Nudgee College Museum

The Mission of the Nudgee Museum/Archives is to preserve and communicate to current and past members of the College Community and visitors:-

  • The history of St Joseph’s Nudgee College, an educational institution founded in 1891 by the Irish Christian Brothers.
  • The contribution made by members of the College Community to the broader community, within the context of Australian History, in fields as diverse as politics, culture, religion, sport and the military.


The Mandate of the NudgeeMuseum is:-

  • To collect any material that contributes to the documentation, conservation, display and interpretation of the history of the College and the wider College Community. Such material may be generated internally by the College, or be sourced from external individuals or bodies.
  • To remain a relevant and active part of the modern curriculum.
  • To promote the College.
  • To be answerable to the Principal, or his designated representative on all matters relating to the operation of the Museum/Archives.


 The Aims of the Nudgee Museum/Archives are:- 

  • To create a College Museum/Archives that is the equal of any similar institution in the country .
  • To ensure that the entire Collection is catalogued on a searchable database.
  • To present the history of the College and its Community in the context of the broader Australian story.
  • To participate in regular research projects.


 The Objectives of the Nudgee Museum/Archives are:- 

  • To complete the proposed move from the current location at the rear of NITEC to the floor above Ryan Hall .
  • To target specific institutions and individuals to complement current displays, or to fill gaps in the Collection.
  • The creation of a MuseumArchives website.
  • To promote the Museum/Archives, both as a attraction in its own right and a  beneficiary of donations of material or money.